Kwikset Kevo

Have you seen these new locks?  Thinking about getting one yourself?

Bad idea!

See that little slot next to the key hole? That means this is a SmartKey lock but that doesn't mean it's smart.  SmartKey locks are very simple to bypass by anyone and you'll never know someone came into your home until it's too late.

Contact us about which locks are right for you.


Door Closers

We sell & install door closers.

Do you have the right closer for the right type of door?  We can stop by and look at your hardware and let you know what changes we could do to make your closer and hardware perform for a long time.

Automotive Transponder Keys & Remotes

Did you know that a car dealer isn't the only place to get chipped keys and remotes for your car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle?

Dave's Lock & Key can provide you with a new remote or chipped key at a lower price than most dealers.

Lost your keys? We can replace those - even chipped ones.