Lock Reference

You may have been referred here by one of our Locksmiths to determine which type of lock you have before we come to your location for service. Identifying the type of lock you have before we arrive will save you time and money. Many locks may look similar, and using this guide will help you and us to ensure the fastest, best quality service possible.

Look at the locks below and compare them to the lock you have now. Once you have found the lock, please contact us so we can be prepared to service or replace your locks on the day of your appointment. If you do not see your lock in the photos below, please send us a photo of yours so we can determine what you have.

Notice the Smart Key deadbolt from Kwikset (middle of top row). This lock should be replaced with one that doesn't have this feature. If your locks have this little slot next to the key hole it's a Smart Key lock and is not secure